DISCODAZE // Side A: Look under the ground, glitter is pouring from the ugly holes 

Jaime C. Knight, Untitled (Everyone's gay on the dance floor)       Sandblasted Mirror Ball, Motor, Chain // 20x20x20 // 2019

Jaime C. Knight, Untitled (Everyone's gay on the dance floor)
Sandblasted Mirror Ball, Motor, Chain // 20x20x20 // 2019

Artists: Nicole Fraser-Herron, Jonn Herschend, Jaime C. Knight, and Justin Nagle.
Curators: Fiona Ball, Naz Cuguoglu, Yomna Osman, Orly Vermes
Dates: February 22 - April 26, 2019
Gallery Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 4-7PM
Venue: PLAySPACE Gallery, 141 Hubbell Street, San Francisco, California

We try to remember our first encounter with glitter. All we remember is excess. She bought a tube of silver powder glitter. To mask the unwanted, the abject. Camaraderie. Remember the galaxy of stars in her domestic space? Debauchery. Finding the undercommons. Glitter to confuse, to create temporary autonomous zones. The underground—Look under the ground, glitter is pouring from the ugly holes. Silent resistance. It creates a movement, and the floor below our feet shakes, listen to the strong bass of that electronic music. Bright and loud. It is sticky and disgusting—it is a contradiction, a critique. It is hard to clean, it got everywhere, infecting spaces and bodies. The sparkly dust is resilient. Like playtime has no end. Her aunt’s walls were white with colorful glitter. Bonkers. An incurable plague to wreak havoc on her mental state. Do not mind us, we are only trying to find ways to glow in the dark times. Rebellion. Riot. Revolution. Adults did not mind, but we did. The abnormal ones of the society—the narrative that is suppressed. A spurious gesture. Think about her mom’s nail polish. Like that, we are all superfluous—found families. An entropy. Bedlam. What we mean is that it creates temporary blindness for the big brother—and it is in that millisecond that we run away. And we prefer not to.

PS9 Programming: DISCODAZE//All that glitters is not gold

For the 2019 programming of PLAySPACE Gallery, we intend to focus on the theme of “Discotheque.” Approaching the gallery space as a metaphorical dance floor on which the CCA community can come together to share their works through exhibitions and public programming. Inspired by the saying, “all that glitters is not gold” the gallery will be stripped of its precarity, with one semester dedicated to glitter and the other to gold. The concept of “Discotheque” will be fundamental for creating an accessible and open space while allowing opportunities for process-based interventions. The exhibition will function as a space for conversation, dialogue, and exchange while creating possibilities for interdisciplinary collaborations between individuals. Our programming will investigate the potential of artistic endeavors to make a change in a polarized society, while creating powerful experiences in a non-traditional art space. “Discotheque” will facilitate a space for the audience to move their bodies around, explore, and question: What can be learnt from holding urgent conversations in spaces of joy?

Installation Images:
(by Nicole Fraser-Herron)

Opening Images:
(by Nicholas Bruno)